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  • Do we need a moral framework?
    Do we need a moral framework? For Matthew Weiner, the creator of AMC's Mad Men, ours is the golden age of television. Quickly it has… Read More...
  • Do we need numbness?
    Do we need numbness? Life hurts. We’ve all heard it before. “Life is pain.” When you diverge away from what is safe and… Read More...
  • What have I done?
    What have I done? This is a quirky film by the Cohen Brothers, one of ten Best Picture nominations in 2010. Slow-paced and… Read More...
  • How will you live into death?
    How will you live into death? There have been some memorable, intense, and eye-catching opening scenes in several recent films: Hugo, A Serious Man, Girl… Read More...
  • Where does help come from?
    Where does help come from? Holy Week. Donnie Darko. Correlation? Some might question the appropriateness of associating a film… Read More...