50 Experiences in Wonder

There are a lot of ways we can describe who we are and what we're about... but it somehow feels more appropriate to just show you.

Over the next 50 days or so, we’ll be (slowly) revealing our top 50 encounters with wonder through film, music, and variety of other mediums.

This is by no means an accurate and/or exhaustive list. In fact, we’ve laughed at the predictable threads and gaping holes you will soon discover. Fortunately, we don’t take ourselves (or this list) too seriously.

This is a mere starting point. A starting point for us to better describe the artists and mediums we’re intrigued by. A starting point for you to check out who we are and the type of that and questions
we are pursuing.

The list will be changing as we evolve. But more importantly, we hope it is a collection of wonder that changes you. Feel free to give us your own thoughts and let us know what you think deserves to be in the Top 50 Experiences in Wonder. 

View Top-50 here.