Into the Dark

A film-club-of-sorts committed to a new discipline of seeing.

At the onset of 2009, a few of the writers here at rednow decided to embark on a little experiment: see 100 films in 12 months (loosely deemed “The Centurion Project”). In the midst of this endeavor, we could not help but rethink what rednow is all about. It has been our hope to not simply point others towards film and music (of wonder) per say, but to also develop a (new) discipline of seeing.

Philosopher and theologian John Dillenberger, in his essay “A Theology of Artistic Sensibilities,” commented on such a discipline:

“A discipline of seeing does not come by being told how to see, though that might be helpful, even necessary; it comes primarily by seeing and seeing and seeing over and over again.”

This basic notion, alongside a reading of Craig Detweiler’s (rednow’s defacto sage) comprehensive study of IMDB’s Top 250 entitled “Into the Dark”, is the impetus behind the this project. Commit to exploring how we see via “seeing and seeing and seeing over and over again.”

The Opportunity

See 60 (wonder-full) films within a year. 48 features. 12 shorts.

How it Works…

We understand that only a select few will watch all 60 films suggested. We hope that this isn’t about quantity in the first place, but rather about seeing the film experience as a spiritual practice. Opportunities to develop a new rhythm thanks to the wonder such experiences cultivate in our lives through image, sound and story.

At the beginning-ish of each month, we select 4-5 films. Some will be recent, some will be docs, some will be foreign, and some will be classic. And many of these films will be represented in what Detweiler argues as the “emerging canon” – recent films (since 2000) that have found their way into IMDB’s Top 250 list in one form or another.  This said, we will certainly suggest films that don’t show up on this list.

Because we want to offer a variety of experiences each month, we will generally breakdown the 4-5 opportunities in wonder as follows:

Current Film (in theaters)
1 “Emerging Canon
Older/Classic (pre-2000)
1 Short


While the “individualization” of our society might suggest otherwise, we believe art was not meant to be experienced in isolation.  We suggest those that are able to find a local group to view and discuss alongside. We also encourage you to share your thoughts here and/or via your own social networks.


Finally, those of you that want to head “into the dark” with us, let us know by signing up here. We would never sell your email.

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