Who is Miike Snow?

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What does it mean to create something "new"?

Who is Miike Snow? Ok, that’s a trick question. Miike Snow is really Swedes Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, along with American Andrew Wyatt. Remember when we all tried to fall in love with Animal Collective? Well, Miike Snow is what all of us who appreciated what Animal Collective was doing, but could never fall in love with their disjointed melodies have been looking for. Miike Snow’s music enters the mix of the electronically enhanced pop music that we’ve seen from groups like Foster the People, LCD Soundsystem, and Bon Iver’s self-titled release. And it is damn catchy… and there are some pretty insightful lyrics in there too.

Remember when we all thought this “electric invasion” of auto-tune and sampling the same old beats was going to kill pop music? Ok, maybe we didn’t all think that, but I might have thought it at one point (a previous tweet of mine: When SNL & The Lonely Island can make a track as hot as any pop song, it’s time to rethink the music industry), and surely a kid in skinny jeans said something to that effect while sipping on a tallboy of PBR.

But Miike Snow got me thinking that maybe the issue isn’t all the crazy new software the music industry is employing, but the lack of creativity in using that new technology. When new things are created to make art easier to produce it doesn’t mean that art is dead. Art isn’t just about the skill it takes to record a track or paint a life-like image, it’s also about the creativity it takes to make something new. That is the real struggle in creating art. Next time you’re at the museum of Modern Art and the dude next to you says, “I could’ve painted that,” you should ask him, “why didn’t you then?”

Miike Snow’s Silvia