The Ridiculous Editing of Johan Söderberg

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Do you know who won the Oscar this year for achievement in film editing? Well, of course you don’t. Neither do I. (Okay, now I do.) Though editors rarely receive their props, they are an integral and crucial aspect of any film piece. Editors are often responsible for the visceral “feel” within a film. This comes via attention to timing, placement, and juxtaposition alongside the dialogue and soundtrack. Endless hours of footage are sifted through and perfectly placed in order to create the perfect moment. There is no question its validity as an art form.

The following music video(s) comes from editor Johan Söderberg, who has earned his name in the music video industry through his work for artists such as Madonna, U2, Beyonce, and The Knife. Söderberg is earning a name on YouTube via his brilliant “READ MY LIPS” series. (Which is a MUST SEE in The Absurd section.)

Putting vintage stock footage to new music is not a new idea. Cutting a track like Söderberg’s work on Familjen’s “Det Snurrar I Min Skalle”… well, see for yourself.

Familjen – Det Snurrar I Min Skalle

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