Sinnerman: An Old and New Tune

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Whether you are an Entourage consumer or not, you should at least be somewhat familiar with its storyline. (This is unless you have plugged your ears to the incessant coverage on Lindsay Lohan’s latest “whatever.”) Entourage is basically the behind-the-scenes look at a hot young actor (Vince) and his “entourage”. The storyline focuses on the nuances of personal assistants, agents, friends, and everything in between.

Well, this week’s episode (“The Weho Ho” episode) was no different from the norm. The recurring themes of image, lying, betrayal, and greed all made an appearance. All of which makes the placement of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman in the closing credits all the more interesting.

Actually, the version played comes via Felix Da Housecat’s “Heavenly House” remix, which has also been featured in the films Miami Vice and Cellular.  We have included two videos of the song below – the music video for the remix as well as the audio from Simone’s original recording (recorded in 1965).

The music video (“The Heavenly House” version) is certainly thought provoking. It is simple in its images yet profound in the same way. There are places that seem straightforward yet places where questions arise.


Felix Da Housecat’s “Heavenly House” Remix of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman:


Nina Simone’s Original Sinnerman Recording:


Does the video move towards or away from repentance? Does the video not even go this far in its scope? Either way, the song is enjoyable and we welcome your opinions on the video.

On another note, there are obvious differences between the two songs which could spur a whole other discussion. What has been lost in making the remix so much shorter? Is one repentant and the other not? Does it matter? What makes it so? What about the use of computerized sounds in the remix, how does this change the essence of the song? Questions we are not trying to answer as much as just asking. Enjoy.