Oppression. Liberation. Ness?

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Oppression. It has defined various people groups and individuals throughout history. It is derived from the very idea of being “pressed” or pushed upon – the precursory act to being burdened or weighed down. It aspires through power over the powerless. Its reality goes against our very being.

Liberation. It coexists with its adversary. It embodies effort, release, and freedom. Its yearning is ever present.

Ness. “Ness” is the Hebraic term for miracle. Immersed between the realities of oppression and liberation, “ness” exists as both a desire and a possibility. A word in which its very meaning gives hope a reality.

“Ness” is the name of the following song and video from Israeli songwriter Rona Kenan. The video is directed by Adam Bizanski (also from Israel), who is quickly making a name for himself within the industry. Bizanksi is known primarily for his handmade miniature sets that he brings to life through stop animation – one of which we featured on our favorites of 2006 list. (Wolf Parade’s Modern World)

Bizanski refrains from the stop-animation scene here; however, his attention to detail remains. And unless you have polished up your Hebrew lately, the music and imagery will need to suffice for the visceral experience.

If you are up for a little “bonus round” on the matters, I suggest Johnny Cash’s “I’m Free From the Chain Gang Now”, which poignantly makes a statement as the last track of the last album recorded before his death (American V). Interestingly enough, both Bizanski and Cash have gravitated towards the same metaphor in the end. Enjoy.

Rona Kenan’s “Ness” (Miracle)

[mov and "widescreen" version]

Director: Adam Bizanski
Producer: Kenan Eldar
Shot by: Nitay Netser
Art Direction: Yael Komarovski
Featuring: Noa Bizanski and Shem Krauss

Play “I’m Free From the Chain Gang”



I’m Free from the Chain Gang Now
Johnny Cash (Lyrics – Traditional)

I got rid of the shackles that bound me and the guards that were always around me

There were tears on the mail mother sent me in jail
But I’m free from the chain gang now
Back home I was known and respected then one day I was wrongly suspected
So they put me in chains in a cold freezin’ rain but I’m free from the chain gang now

All the years I was known by a number how I kept my mind is a wonder
And the bare prison cell that was one step from hell
But I’m free from the chain gang now
I prayed that the gossip will spare me when I return to the one I will marry
Like a bird in a tree I got my liberty and I’m free from the chain gang now