Iron and Wine’s Latest: Shepherd’s Dog

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When someone mentions the name Sam Beam, two thoughts come to mind: one of the greatest lyricists of my time, and amazing hair (see below).

Sam Beam (a.k.a. Iron and Wine) releases his latest installment to the “full length album” category today with Shepherd’s Dog. In conjunction with this debut, Iron and Wine kicked off a fall tour last Sunday (9/23) at Chicago’s Metro. A sold out crowd was fortunate enough to hear the album performed for the first time alongside Beam’s newly formed band. The rumored “fuller sound” was indeed true as Beam’s distinct voice was enveloped by the mystical echoes of more instruments than I could count.

There is no doubt that this filmmaker turned songwriter has further developed his abilities to compose, while also maintaining the familiar aspects of the folk tradition. The unique melody lines, acoustical layerings, and subtle harmonies (with sister Sarah) are still very present. Whatever the case, it is Beam’s lyrics that continue to be unavoidable. Full of nature-ridden metaphors, spiritual inquiries, and biographical allusions, Shepherd’s Dog is in many ways an invitation to wonder (yeah, I said it), to discover, and consequently… an invitation toward the replay button.

Be sure and check back throughout the week as we will be featuring various songs from Shepherd’s Dog. Until then, listen to the first official single, “Boy With a Coin” streamable below.

For an immediate listen, check out Iron and Wine’s MySpace page at:
To purchase the album via iTunes, go here.

Boy with a Coin
Iron and Wine