Have a Poppy New Year

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Where is the fun in wonder?

I know it’s not the hip thing to say, but I love pop music… at least in the right doses. In the past decade with the proliferation of the World Wide Web (make sure to thank Al Gore for that), there seems to be a growing gap between the “indie” and popular music scenes. As these scenes have separated themselves so many people have felt a pull to be on “one side or the other.”

What I love about pop music is that it’s easy. There are times when I need to dive into music with some more “chops,” but there are plenty of times in my day or week when a catchy hook and some rather generic lyrics about heartbreak is exactly what I need.

One of the things I like about pop music is that it moves me. This experience or “movement” so often seems to be at the heart of wonder in my own life. In my more prideful moments I like to think that I can only be moved by the intellectually profound. However, wonder isn’t just reserved for the profound. It’s pretty hard to listen to a good pop song and not at least tap your foot. How is it that music that can be mass-produced and, at points, be fairly shallow, move me and get stuck in my head for weeks at a time (Robyn’s Tell Your Girlfriend is what’s been in my head for a couple weeks now)?

In addition to music helping me experience profound and deep emotions it also moves me in ways that can simply be described as fun. Fun (in addition to being a great example of some great pop music from 2012) is an aspect of wonder that might be fairly basic, but is something that I’m often looking for in my day-to-day.

I can’t speak to his name, but DJ Earworm is an artist that over the last few years has taken the year’s top pop songs and “mashed” them up. In addition to the audio he has also created a video that is a mash-up of the music videos. If you haven’t taken the time this year to enjoy the fun (and wonder) of 2012’s pop hits, give the video a little watch.

DJ Earworm – United States of Pop 2012

How is it that this shallow music can get me to tap my foot or hum the tune from a week or even lift my mood when it’s cloudy outside? I don’t know the answer to that, and THAT is where the wonder comes in.