D&AD Video Awards via Radiohead

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If you are unfamiliar with D&AD, it might be an organization worth keeping an eye on. This British non-profit entity has been serving the global creative, design, and advertising communities for almost 30 years. Though D&AD’s focus is bridging education (which they provide) and the workplace in these particular arenas, D&AD is typically known for their annual “Global Awards” (a.k.a. The Black and Yellow Pencil Awards). The various award categories range from branding to digital media to broadcasting (See the full list here) and as of this year—Music Videos.

To usher in the new category, Radiohead announced that they would receive video promo submissions (via student artists) to song “The Clock”, which is off of Thom Yorke’s (lead singer) latest solo album (2006), Eraser. As the song revolves around “time” and our (ab)use of the environment, these filmmakers have chosen to embody this visually.


Winner of D&AD and Radiohead’s “The Clock” Promo Contest:
Filmmakers: Christopher Barrett, Luke Taylor, and Garath Whyte


Second Place of D&AD and Radiohead’s “The Clock” Promo Contest:
Filmmaker: Ravi Sohanpal
(Video unavailable)


Student of the Year Winner (via”The Clock” promo):
Filmmaker: Scott Evans


The Clock
by Thom Yorke

Time is running out
For us
But you just move the hands upon the clock
You throw coins in the wishing well
With gold
You just move your hands upon the clock

It comes to you begging you to stop
Wake up
And you just move your hands upon the clock
Throw coins in a wishing well
For us
You make believe that you are still in charge