All Saints Day Tribute: St. Vincent’s Jesus Saves, I Spend

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Is something greater occurring?

Today is Halloween, which means a few obvious things. What is often overlooked is that Halloween is actually (in most places) an “eve” celebration. In the Catholic tradition, November 1st is known as “All Saints Day” or “All Hallows Day” making October 31st “All Hallows Eve”. While the first of November has a variety of spiritual meanings throughout the world, in America—it is jointly recognized by all-that-is-commerce as the official beginning of the holiday season. (It’s acceptable to put out the decorations and goods.)

So, in spirit of “All Saints Day” we thought it appropriate to highlight a favorite saint of our own: Annie Clark—a.k.a. “St. Vincent ” (previously featured here ). And in alignment with this monumental day in our country’s economy, Clark’s “Jesus Saves, I Spend” could not be more appropriate.

With her mesmerizing “Sufjan-like” self, Clark tackles our holiday mentality both in irony and juxtaposition:

“While Jesus is saving, I’m spending all my days”

Whether we like it or not, “spending” is an integral part of our holiday season and capitalistic society. It is the medium for “things” to be consumed. It is inevitable. It makes some happy. It makes some sad. It creates. It takes away.

As much as consumer critiques and debates are relevant midst the holiday season, it is Clark’s suggestion of a greater reality that has captured my attention. “While Jesus is saving…” we are ________. How easy is it to trot about the monotony of life and never entertain the questions: Is something greater occurring? Has something greater occurred? What am I oblivious to?

In a light-hearted sort of way, Clark is dealing with a few “reality” questions such as these. So, as the holiday season begins and the daily pursuits of grace continue, I invite you to the beautiful sounds of St. Vincent. Enjoy.


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Visit St. Vincent’s website at


Jesus Saves, I Spend (St. Vincent)

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“Jesus Saves, I Spend” (Lyrics)
St. Vincent

While Jesus is saving, I’m spending all my days
In backgrounds and landscapes
With the languages of saints
While people are spending, like toys on Christmas day
And inside a still life with the other absentee

While Jesus is saving, I’m spending all my daysI
In the garden, great power of lines across your face
While people will cheer on the spectacle we’ve made
I’m sitting and sculpting menageries of saints

All my men
My absentee
I’d do anything to please
You go my love
The stage is waiting
Be the one to save my saving grace

While Jesus is saving, I’m spending all my grace
On the rosy red power of lights on center stage
While people have cheered on the awful mess we’ve made
Through storms of red roses we’ve exited the stage