A Thousand Lies

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‘”What I’’ve Done”’ is Linkin Park’s most successful single to date and is featured on the Transformers soundtrack. The video spent a significant amount of time at #1 on MTV’s TRL, their first video to ever reach the top spot.

Linkin Park has clearly struck a cord with this video.

Cause I’’ve drawn regret
From the truth
Of a thousand lies

The idea of our reality being the result of actions provoked by lies is as old as time. In the beginning of the Biblical narrative it looks like naked people talking to a snake (strange, I know.) Now the lies come from computer generated pictures (like these), marketers, politicians, preachers, websites (I hope not this one), neighbors and even our self. But what is striking is that regardless of where the lies come from, the results are the same:

Poor self image, broken relationships, jealousy, anger, murder, environmental decay…they are all the result of lives lived according to lies.

Knowing that we are reacting to lies doesn’t release us from our responsibility for what we’ve done, but it certainly helps make sense of it. Realizing (or admitting) that our life is broken can actually be a huge relief, because brokenness cannot exist in the absence of wholeness – just as lies are forever bound to the presence of truth and evil can only be understood as the perversion of goodness.

I’’ll start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
I’’m forgiving what I’’ve done