Where the Hell is Matt? (The Series)

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Can't we all just dance along?

One of our hopes here at rednow is simply to point people to various opportunities in wonder. The more we tackle this oh-so-mysterious topic, the more we discover its unpredictability. It shows up in a variety of mediums: intrigue, beauty, the transcendent, humanity, and the absurd (to name a few). There is no fancy formula. Sometimes… it just happens. And to be honest, YouTube is not usually the greatest environment for it. But for whatever reason, it keeps showing up via Matt Harding’s travel (and dance) project “Where the Hell is Matt?”

(And when I say “showing up”, this is a mere coverup to the fact that I’ve teared up multiple times watching these videos.)

Sure, it’s partly the absurdity. It’s partly the music. And it’s partly the differing landscapes. But the real beauty of watching the experience is Matt’s evolution towards community. He hasĀ admittedly realized that there is something more significant and meaningful to dancing alongside people versus mere objects. And he’s right. Seeing a diverse humanity joyfully dance with one another has the power to shift our perspective and gain a little glimpse of what it means to be human.

You may already be one of the bazillion viewers to see one of the initial quasi-famousĀ (as Matt likes to say) dance videos. Either way, Matt has just released his latest installment (2012) and it too has a particular transcendent quality about it. Experience a little (dance) wonder below… and don’t be scared if a little emotion comes your way.

“Where the Hell is Matt?” (2012 Version)

“Where the Hell is Matt?” (2008 Version)

“Where the Hell is Matt?” (2006 Version)

“Where the Hell is Matt?” (2005 – Initial Video)