The Human Experience

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What does it mean to be human?

The Human Experience is a documentary about two young brothers, Jeff and Cliff, who emerge from troubled pasts, setting out to explore questions of life, meaning, and purpose. They are fueled both by a desire to see the world through someone else’s eyes and the opportunity to discover who they really are.

The film follows their adventures into three different human experiences – living homeless in NYC, serving disabled orphans in Peru, and befriending lepers in Ghana. In the midst of these stories, you hear the voices and thoughts of several people (humanitarian workers, a priest, professors, etc.) each with his/her own unique expertise on life.

What Jeff and Cliff find is that while our particular experiences may be very different, we are all asking the same questions: What’s my purpose? Does my life matter? Where am I going and why? We discover that life everywhere is lived out as a drama of love and suffering; a story in which we have agency to choose to embrace or reject the gift of life that we’re given.

This is a film that inspires asking big questions and entering into a world of mystery and wonder. It’s a film that puts reality and experience to what, for most of us, are only vague notions or ideas of truth.

How will you, in your particular life circumstances, get out of your box and open your eyes to what’s going on around you? And with all that you see will you choose to live with hopeful joy or merely attempt to survive the despair of suffering?