The Art of Silence: The Artist

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Honestly, I have been trying to think of a clever way to write this piece without words. But it might take a little dialogue to contemplate the value of no dialogue.

If you are unaware, The Artist is a silent film about the silent (film) era. It’s set in 1927. It’s in black and white. And other than accompanying music, there is no sound.

For many, knowing this is exactly why you haven’t seen it yet. But this is exactly why you should.

The Artist sits in stark contrast to everything that you already see. It requires new senses to navigate. We anticipate with the movement. We feel alongside the music. And we respond through the image.

If you regularly follow this site, you understand that we are not as interested in regurgitating content, “what” to see, as we are interested in exploring “how” to see. Sure, the story is worthy of it’s Oscar nod (which it will win), but more importantly, The Artist begs for a different posture. And whether or not you show up to the theater with one, you’ll certainly be leaving with one.