Questioning “The Select Fit” of Truth

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What do you want?

What do you want to hear, see, know? How do you want to perceive your love life? Your job? Your problems? And maybe more importantly, what do these wants say about the questions you’re asking?

The moment we begin to sit and ponder in these spaces, we find ourselves in the familiar and philosophical subjective/objective conundrum. Is something true because it’s the way you see it? Believe it to be? Want it to be? Or is it objectively true outside of your direct experience?

I’ll stop here, before we broach going too far into a particular piece without letting it ask and speak for itself. And this piece has a lot to say on its own. It’s one of my favorite “content” shorts of all time and definitely deserves watching a couple of times – once for its technical and editing brilliance, the other for its commentary on the questions above.

This short gives us plenty to “wonder” about, so have a look and tell us what you think…

The short is available for purchase through the Damah Film Festival collection (Volume IV).