No Impact Man Goes Without

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What does the good life look like?

No Impact Man is a surprisingly “no bows” story about one man, Colin, who decides to live just one year differently. He, his wife, and their young daughter – while living in the middle of New York City – spend an entire year going without. No shopping, riding in elevators, making trash, wiping with toilet paper, using electricity, and the list goes on. Colin’s story is so incredible that watching this documentary will not shame you into better practices of sustainable, mindful living. Rather, this story will inspire you to ask some basic questions about the very core of what it means to be American and to be human.

What’s okay and not okay to buy?
Why do you want?
Is it possible to have a good life without wasting so much?
Why don’t I do something?
How much are you willing to let go of?
Can one person make a difference?
What best practices will you keep?

The thought of going without is traumatizing for most of us. To see what’s possible, what is actually within reach, will help you rethink what matters. In the end, it’s not about going without but about cultivating a life that is more beautiful, more loving, and more alive. It’s about the kind of life that will bring us back into the accountability and relationship of community. It’s about reconceptualizing what it means to live the good life.

No Impact Man is a Netflix instant stream documentary that is anything but overly produced, and still well worth your time. It’s probably best to watch it with a community of people that you could actually start to live differently with because the beauty of this film is not what happens in it, but what could happen because of it.