Moment(s) of Wonder

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In the time that you read this sentence, numerous little “moments” will have occurred. You’ve chosen to read the words across a screen. Someone around you has chosen something else. A few seconds later, you’ll move on to another moment in time. The craziest part all?

8 billion people just experienced the same thing. The same moment that is.

But what have you allowed to occupy these moments? What do they represent? What story do they tell?

As we continue to explore the nature of wonder, it is with the following piece (produced by the creative team at Everynone) that we realize that our mysterious subject isn’t bound by time. In fact, by stripping the “other” moments away we realize that the mundane has more intrigue and meaning than you would expect.

Take the next 4 minutes and experience the beauty (and sound) of humanity in its abbreviates states. And maybe more importantly, take the moments after to see a little differently.


Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.