Like No Other: Colour, Bouncy Balls, & Beauty

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What makes us human?

This is a commercial for an expensive TV, a commercial made by launching hundreds of thousands of rubber bouncy balls out of cannons down the streets of San Francisco. And while you could watch it merely as a commercial, it’s also an image that connects with something deeper in all of us.

I have literally shown this spot to hundreds of people and am still looking for someone who doesn’t think it’s beautiful. In a world where everything is up for debate, how is it that there are things that everyone can still agree on? Where does that come from? What is it that links us all together and gives us one mind about certain things? These are just a few of the questions that fascinate me (and all of us here at rednow).

I believe these questions point us towards what it means to be human. And this commercial suggests that to be human is to be drawn to beauty.

May we all not only seek out more beauty in this world, but also consider whatever it is inside us that helps us recognize the beauty we see – TV’s, bouncy balls, hilly streets, and otherwise.