For The Bible Tells Me So

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What is the Bible really telling us?

If you can’t approach this film with a posture of humility, please don’t watch it.  I mean it.  For the Bible Tells Me So portrays Christianity’s hatred and treatment of homosexuality in an attempt by the filmmakers to turn what Christians have waged as a brutal war into a conversation.

As a Christian, this documentary is hard to watch.  And it should be.  Not necessarily because of what any of us may personally believe, but because of what the community of people we ascribe ourselves to has done in the name of God.  We have marginalized, persecuted, and hated an entire population.  And if we haven’t participated, we have stood by in apathy and fear.

In this film you meet five people with unique and diverse backgrounds, cultures, and stories as homosexuals.  The first gay Episcopal deacon, a famous politician’s daughter, men and women who are in heterosexual marriages before coming out, people with supportive parents and others with parents who tragically disown them.  We meet activists, religious-types, and academics from all over the country and the political spectrum, revealing piercing assumptions and responses.  And yet when love does break through you will see hope, transformation, and a beautiful testament to the goodness of humanity.

Three things I hope we all take away from this film:
1. We must create safe spaces for people to share who they really are.
2. When it comes to loving or having the ‘right’ view, we must choose love.  Every time.
3. We must foster communities of love, justice, and inclusion for all people.