Dove for the Onslaught of Real

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Who decides what’s real?

Before this becomes an all-media-is-evil conversation, let’s agree that the notions of beauty and more are not necessarily bad ones. Beauty is a signpost to the transcendent. We are wired to notice, appreciate, and strive for what is beautiful. More-ism is an inevitable reality of humanity’s movement through time; a reality that is tempting (but difficult) to argue. As created beings driven to create, our lives result in more: ideas, spaces, products, heck even kids, entering time and space.

In their Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove wisely refuses to dismiss, ignore, or attack our desires for beauty and our pursuit for more. But by exposing the illusion of how we see beauty and by highlighting the images we are creating and consuming, Dove confronts us with some important questions. What is real? Who controls how we see beauty? What do we need more of?

In an artistic way that should startle and convict us, Dove is attempting to reclaim the story of (real) beauty by changing the way we imagine, see, and consume. Receiving millions of hits on YouTube and prizes for excellence in advertising at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, I doubt it is merely Dove’s clever use of time-lapsed footage that has captured, intrigued, and frightened the masses. Whatever they’re doing, Dove is onto something we need (and clearly want) more of.

Find out more about the campaign here.