Are You the Favorite Person of Anyone?

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Well, Are You?

This is a profoundly simple short that revolves around one particular question:  ”Are you the favorite person of anyone?”  It was written by Miranda July, directed by Miguel Arteta (Six Feed Under), and featured at Sundance a few years ago.  Watch the short (only 4 minutes long) and then check out the director’s reasoning behind the film below.

It’s bound to make you wonder…

The following is taken from the liner notes at Wholphin DVD as a Q & A with director Miguel Arteta:

Q: Why did you want to make this film?

MA: I love Miranda’s writing. She told me that as a girl, when strangers passed her by in the street, she would picture herself as that person and then ask herself, in that stranger’s voice, “Am I someone’s favorite person?” This script is gorgeous because it makes you wonder, what is your story? What is the quality of the relationships that define you? After years of having my head up my ass, due to living and working in LA these questions were a welcome gift.”