Kinetic Beauty

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What can we create?

A compelling example of our ability to conjure and design new and truly beautiful works of art is the Berlin firm ART+COM. Their project labeled “Kinetic Rain” was made for the Changi Airport in Singapore and is on display in Terminal 1.

The so dubbed, “kinetic sculpture,” is one of the more stunning art pieces that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. The video held my eyes captive; I could not look away from the product produced by this art piece. It is beautiful and full of wonder. It caused me to marvel at what I, myself, am capable of creating. Humans have made some fairly horrific, awful, and disgusting things. Yet in the wake of everything bad, there still exists the ability to create something that causes feet to stop, breaths to hold, hearts to skip, and minds to wonder. Those moments in which our eyes are opened wide in awe and anticipation.

Such moments of complete captivation pay homage to a creator. There is something strangely pure and beautiful about “Kinetic Rain” that makes you to stop and appreciate the wonder of creativity and the beauty we are capable of creating.