About rednow

rednow is a creative collective committed to a new discipline of seeing, hearing, and experiencing through the art of wonder.

We live in a world of abundance. The same internet that brought you to this site gives you access to information and experiences that were undreamed of a generation ago. But, because of the unending possibilities we can become numb to a world of performance and spectacle—leaving us longing for ways to understand what we are feeling and thinking.

rednow exists for this reason. To provide opportunities to feel and think: to wonder.

We think the sounds, images, and stories that cause us to pause and wonder do so for a reason. These encounters are sign posts, pointing to a deeper truth for which we long. We see filmmakers, musicians, authors, and artists as Poets, Prophets, and Preachers—and we gather and listen, expectant.

This is not a place to find the latest news and reviews on film and music. While we are committed to pointing each other toward what to see and experience, we’re actually just as interested in exploring how to see and experience. Rather than observing a film, song, music video, or album, we hope to step further into the media and let it question us, experiencing what it has to say about our lives, this world, and the reality behind it all.

About the Name

On principle, if you haven’t figured it out already (and you should be able), you’ll simply have to wonder about it…